Galenica’s History

In December 1985, in the port of Valparaíso, Luis Fabri H. founded Galénica, motivated by the passion and entrepreneurial vision of providing diagnostic supplies and services to hospitals and laboratories in its region.

Due to excellent services provided over the years, Galenica increased its customer portfolio by adding exclusive distributions agreements with highly reputable global manufacturers, which have been leading the scientific and technological advances in this industry. Today the core of our company is building a nationwide service network with a team of sales, IT applications, and technical support professionals, including up-to-date distribution and logistics capabilities.

The beginning of the new century represented the start of a promising period of expansion and growth for Galenica. With the support of our experienced team of professionals the Company added new distributions agreements in line with 21st-century technologies, an effort supported by the Company reputation built over the years. Today we are a leading company that not only offers quality products and services but also provides tailor made technological solutions to support our customers.

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