Sample Processing

The FastPrep® systems provide an easy and quick way to extract DNA, RNA and proteins from even the most difficult samples, be a quick and easy process with fully automated, optimizing only lysis 40 seconds. Su software intuitivo, more power and exclusive features optimizes time allowing more time for data analysis and better reproducibility.

In addition to the equipment needed, MPBio also provides solutions with different matrices for lysis can be used on computers FastPrep, those available in high-impact resistant tubing of 2 ml, 4,5 ml, 15 ml, 50 ml which contain a wide variety of materials to successfully complete the process of lysis, crushing, homogenization of the samples. All particles of the matrices are produced to the highest quality standards to ensure optimal performance.

MPBio tambiénofrece extraction kits that deliver DNA, RNA and protein quality, ready to use in any subsequent application.

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