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The automated cell counter TC 20 Bio Rad account mammalian cells in a single step using its innovative technology and sophisticated autofocus counting algorithm to produce accurate cell counts less than 30 seconds. Upon insertion of a carrier count, cell counter TC 20 quickly provides a total cell count (with the sin stain blue with tripod) and cell viability assessed by trypan blue exclusion.

Beckman Coulter offers advanced cell counters in addition to enabling and analyzing feasibility, analyzing the size of the cells using the Coulter principle. The range of Beckman Coulter provides all the tools necessary to monitor cellular processes. Beckman Coulter has refined its methods of cell counting, size, and viability for decades of continuous innovation, and today is recognized as an industry leader. These products are very popular among industrial and academic customers worldwide who rely on its simplicity, accuracy and ease of use. These products stand out on the accuracy, reliability, low cost per test, and flexibility to accommodate nearly any type of cell from small aggregates of bacteria to plant cells.

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Especialista División Biotecnología

Specialist Biotechnology Division

Highly professional training in biotechnology and life sciences. Specialties in the areas of molecular biology, cell biology research and instrumentation and control. Its high capacity support and scientific support, to allow integrated, high performance solutions. Contact: