Educational Tools

  • Bio-Rad has developed a line of products specifically focused on teaching.
  • Educational kits allow students to interact with science easily, fast and dynamic.
  • These products are specifically designed for teachers to develop group activities, and have all the elements necessary to successfully carry out a laboratory activity.
  • Within the wide range of educational kits available, include products for experimenting with basic principles of biotechnology and gene expression using plasmids, gene amplification by PCR or protein analysis using polyacrylamide gels or chromatography. Some of the most popular kits are PGLO ™ Plasmid Kit and GFP, Crime Scene Investigator PCR Basics™ Kit y el Size Exclusion Chromatography Kit.



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Highly professional training in biotechnology and life sciences. Specialties in the areas of molecular biology, cell biology research and instrumentation and control. Its high capacity support and scientific support, to allow integrated, high performance solutions. Contact:

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