Chromatography System Low Pressure

  • The biological system ™ LP is focused on the purification of biomolecules. With its compact size, the space required both in the cold part and the laboratory is minimized. The system includes the filter 254 and 280 nm for detection of nucleic acids and proteins, in addition to the conductivity cell. Peristaltic pump includes built-in flow from 0.05 to 40 ml / min and maximum pressure 30 psi. The sample collection can be made up in 80 13 tubes×100 mm or anywhere requiring the user contender. The kit includes a software for easy setup.
  • The Profinia ™ system is an automated system for the purification of labeled proteins with polyhistidine tails, GST, MBP, strep-tag, tags Profinity eXact™, monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies . You can have results within 30 minutes.

Biologic LP (Download Brochure) Profinia System (Download Brochure)

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