Photo documentation systems Gels

  • Bio-Rad offers a complete line of equipment for Photodocumentation of gels with analysis software easy to use as it is the Image Lab ™. These units are designed for a broad spectrum of both colorimetric analysis, chemiluminescent and / or fluorescent proteins and nucleic acids.

Featured Products:

  • Chemidoc MP: It is a full-featured tool for capturing and image analysis of protein gels, DNA and Western Blot. Its design is optimized for the multiplex fluorescence detection and chemiluminescence detection, applications and other general documentation to agarose and polyacrylamide gels.
  • Gel Doc EZ: It is a compact, automated fotodocumentador gels. Use different trays that vary according to the type of staining the gel was analyzed. Includes capture and analysis software Image Lab ™ for publication-quality images with the push of a button.

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