Extraction and separation of nucleic acids and proteins

Both Bio-Rad as MP Bio offer a complete line of kits and reagents for RNA extraction and purification, DNA and protein effective quickly and.

  • For the extraction and purification of PCR products and genomic DNA kits have as Freeze 'N Squeeze DNA, PCR Kleen, FastDNA Spin and GENECLEAN ™.
  • For RNA purification, MP Bio offers the alternative of FASTRNA PRO GREEN KIT kit and Bio-Rad Aurum Total RNA Mini Kit ™ kit etc..
  • For protein purification, Bio-Rad offers a range of different kits as needed. Total protein extraction kit ReadyPrep ™ Protein Extraction Kit is available (Total Protein) SureBeads ™ system and immunoprecipitation. MP Bio further provides kits for the purification of proteins from bacteria and yeast as the FastProtein Matrix Kit ™ Blue and Red Matrix ™ FastProtein.


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