Electrophoresis and Transfer

The wide range of instruments electrophoresis and transfer of nucleic acids and proteins Bio-Rad includes horizontal and vertical chambers of various sizes, PFGE systems with CHEF equipment and solutions for sequencing and detection of mutations with computer Dcode ™.

  • Electroforesis nucleic acid: Bio-Rad offers a variety of horizontal electrophoresis chambers are ideal for DNA electrophoresis on agarose gels. Cameras include all the necessary components for the preparation of gels. Both the Mini-Sub® Cell GT and GT Mini-Sub® Cell Wide System cameras can be used with precast gels ReadyAgarose.
  • Nucleic acid transfer: Using Team Model 785 Vacuum Blotter nucleic acids can be transferred from complete gels to nylon membranes homogeneously.
  • Protein electrophoresis: In addition to vertical electrophoresis chambers Mini Protean Tetra ™, Bio-Rad has a wide range of products to facilitate analysis of proteins from gels run as fast TGX ™, prestained standards between stains and other reagents. The cameras can run from 1 a 12 gels depending on model and there is also the option of using wider and longer gels are Cirterion ™ in their respective chambers.
  • Transfer protein: Bio-Rad offers three options for easy transfer protein. There Are 2 Available semi-dry systems are the quick transfer Blot® Turbo Trans and Trans-Blot® SD Semi-Dry Transfer Cell . Additionally you can choose to transfer the wet with the Mini Trans-Blot® Cell System, Criterion™ Blotter, Trans-Blot® Cell and Cell Trans-Blot® Plus depending on the size of the gel.
  • System Isoelectric focusing (IEF) 2D electrophoresis and: The system uses PROTEAN® i12 ™ IEF strips with immobilized pH gradient (IPG) to separate proteins based on isoelectric point (MOST). With this team can control the various parameters and conditions run per lane, permitting run up 12 different protocols simultaneously. The second dimension can be run on the diverse range of vertical electrophoresis chambers Bio-Rad.


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Highly professional training in biotechnology and life sciences. Specialties in the areas of molecular biology, cell biology research and instrumentation and control. Its high capacity support and scientific support, to allow integrated, high performance solutions. Contact: dbt@galenica.cl

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