The Division of Life Science has built large and strong relationships with many of its customers, jointly developing new and exciting projects Scientific Research. We have made great efforts to develop and support the introduction of new technologies used in the growing fields of genomics, proteomics, pharmacology, food safety, including biomedicine.

We work judiciously to maintain a solid reputation for quality, innovation and advice to our clients. The products we sell are made based class technology used to separate, purify, identify, isolate, amplifying and analyzing biological materials such as proteins, nucleic acids, bacteria, inter alia. Delivering accurate results, quality and efficiency. This technology includes electrophoresis, image, inmunoensayos, Chromatography, microbiology, Bioinformatics, protein function analysis, Transfection, amplification, PCR, Real-time PCR PCR and digital drops, plus options for process automation.

We have all both professional skills and product portfolio of the highest quality to meet the different areas and applications to the world of Life Science engages in nationwide.