Continuous Training

Galenical, products through its Family Quality Control, offers its clients ongoing training in the use of materials and tools for achieving quality in all their laboratories. This is generated through annual events, online support local activities and update best practices and planning internal statistical quality control among other issues.

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Specialist Corner

División CORE

CORE division,es

Professional highly trained in the areas of; quality control, hematology, clinical chemistry, immunoassay, molecular biology and microbiology. Our professionals have high skills to address, solve and scientific support in the areas mentioned. Contact:

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Case Studies

"It is tremendously important instance together with a display that makes it easy this dry subject of analytical quality control in clinical laboratory and in turn sharing the experiences of continuous improvement in this process with participants from different laboratories SSC Network, Health Services dela other Bío Bío and Private Laboratories in the region. "

BQ Patricia Zepeda Andrade, Coordination Health Laboratory Service Conception.