Electroporation, transfection and Bio Ballistics

Electroporation System

The Gene Pulser Xcell ™ system is a modular system of electroporation to transfect all cell types. The system includes a main unit, cuvette chamber ShockPod ™ accessory modules and a choice: Capacitance Extender (CE module) and pulse controller (PC module) either eukaryotic or prokaryotic cells.

Lipid Reagents

TransFectin cationic lipid is a reagent that provides optimum efficiency and level of expression in a wide range of cell lines, including some primary cultures difficult to transfect cells and, while the harmful cytotoxic effects observed with other transfection reagents minimizing overall. TransFectin is capable of providing high transfection efficiencies with lower amounts of lipids as compared to most other lipid based reagents, allowing more experiments reagent vial and lower costs for transfection.


Helios gene gun is a portable device convenient provides rapid and direct transfection into a wide range of targets in vivo. The unit uses a pulse of adjustable low pressure helium to propel DNA, RNA, or gold microcarriers coated or other biomaterials directly into cells blaco.

Specialist Corner

Especialista División Biotecnología

Specialist Biotechnology Division

Highly professional training in biotechnology and life sciences. Specialties in the areas of molecular biology, cell biology research and instrumentation and control. Its high capacity support and scientific support, to allow integrated, high performance solutions. Contact: dbt@galenica.cl

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