No other model of preparative ultracentrifuge prepared floor is able to offer the design level, functionality and performance offered by Optima XPN. The Optima line, from the most basic models to the most complete, features enhancements that simplify the use, optimize control and safety, and increase productivity. With intelligent user interface, connectivity networks, remote control capabilities, and energy efficiency, this line of ultracentrifuge delivers highest performance available on the market.

Beckman Coulter además, ultracentrifugation platform offers the most comprehensive and easy to use table on the market. With quiet operation and sophisticated software in multiple languages, make this line, an intuitive system was action de, Compact and versatile, making available the latest technology table Ultracentrifuges.

Finally, the smallest member of the family, but with astounding capabilities, the Air-Driven Ultracentrífuga Airfuge provides accurate results for clarification lipémica, with the ability to provide a simple and rapid method for removing chylomicrons (fat particles in lipemic). Lipaemic can be cleaned in just 10 minutes.

Specialist Corner

Especialista División Biotecnología

Specialist Biotechnology Division

Highly professional training in biotechnology and life sciences. Specialties in the areas of molecular biology, cell biology research and instrumentation and control. Its high capacity support and scientific support, to allow integrated, high performance solutions. Contact: dbt@galenica.cl

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