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Digital PCR system drops (ddPCR ™) QX200 provides absolute measurement using DNA or RNA probes or EvaGreen.

The system QX200 droplet digital PCR has several advantages over traditional media: the solution is accurate and sensitive digital PCR to a wide variety of applications, is optimized for hydrolysis TaqMan hydrolysis probe assays EvaGreen, It is simple and easy to use, a workflow to 96 samples.

The partition by the QX200 drops reduces bias and amplification efficiency of PCR inhibitors , requires no further calibration curves.

Applications of digital PCR system drops:

- Studies of cancer biomarkers and copy number variation:

Measurement of various degrees of cancer mutations, DNA copy detecting very low number, with superior sensitivity and resolution.

- Pathogen Detection

QX200 the highly accurate system for measuring small changes in the number of molecules of DNA or RNA, allow detection and monitoring of disease in different technologies.

- Next-generation sequencing (NGS)

Absolute quantification performed a NGS library without using a standard curve.

- Gene expression

Achieve reliable and reproducible measurements of small changes in the abundance of mRNA and miRNA expression low.

- Food analysis

Allows routine assessment of genetically modified organisms (OMG) ddPCR using validated methods.

You can watch videos here:


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UhU4ipMUNDc&index=5&pricelist = PLrAEgIY86I6yox2hWNtzGmsl3vjSiZsqd

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