Paseo de Galenica, Beginning of the year 2016

On Friday 4 March, we just start our walk year, we laugh, we unite as a group and reload more energy to start all this year.

We started with a breakfast for sustained energy, then a preheating dance to release the body, we put together teams and began the challenge. In the lagoon the start and he started paddling in Kayak.

At lunch delivered from workers recognition to the president of the company and celebrate the birthdays of February and March.

The afternoon was for recreation like diving in CANOPY, swim in the pools, ride horse, play pool , TACA TACA, etc… endless activities that helped us strengthen human ties in our company.


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Especialista División Banco de Sangre

Blood Bank Specialist Division

Professional highly trained in areas of blood bank immunohaematology, blood components and serology. With skills to solve problems and provide scientific support. Contact: