Successfully we participated in the Congress of Immunology ASOCHIN,es

Last Friday was held the Congress of Immunology ASOCHIN on the campus of Biotechnology at the Catholic University of Valparaiso in Curauma,,es,In this congress Biotechnology Division Galenica Cytoflex he presented the cytometer Beckman Coulter and new microscopes Labomed brand new representamos.demostrando lot of interest from participants,,es,opportunities were generated for demonstrations of all teams presented,,es,We participated in the Congress of Immunology,,es.
En este congreso la división de Biotecnología de Galenica presentó el Citómetro Cytoflex de Beckman Coulter y los nuevos microscopios de la marca Labomed que recién representamos.demostrando mucho interés de los participantes. Se generaron oportunidades para realizar demostraciones de todos los equipos presentados.
Especialista División Biotecnología

Specialist Biotechnology Division

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