Mission and Vision


Our company is a representative and distributor for Chile multinational companies, leading manufacturer of instruments, hardware, supplies and reagents for Scientific Research and Development, Biotechnology, Clinical Diagnostics and Blood Bank, channeling attention to our Clients, by highly trained professionals in the area, be oriented technology leader in its field, providing Sales and After Sales, by a solid Training and Technical Support.



We want to be the first company to which our customers come to check, solve, and supply their scientific requirements, equipment, inputs and projects. For this we will be a leader in the knowledge and skills through a highly trained team, service orientation and an ethical and transparent behavior. This allows us to be a major player in the development of science and technology in our country.


We pledge to always be oriented to advise our customers and business partners, to have a trained team oriented challenges. We work to offer you the best service and commitment to quality in the market. We are also committed to having the best products and latest technology. To promote the development of science in Chile, to protect the environment, To care about people, to have and meet the highest standards of discipline and ethics. We pledge to not rest finally on our way to being a world-class company for our customers and our employees.


Our capabilities are develop to deliver a complete and efficient service to our customers, addressing their needs in the scientific field, Medical, Analytical and Industrial. With the support of a team of highly trained professionals and proper integration of its operations, allows us to assist them in all their laboratory requirements, since the implementation of the training and equipment to comprehensive advice in their daily work, in order to ensure high standards of quality and business continuity processes.



Luis Fabri has a vision about the future of services in the area of ​​Health, then Galénica born in Valparaiso as a strategy to provide support laboratories Clinics and Hospitals Company Zone.


It consolidates the area of ​​service delivery and Pharmaceutical moved to Santiago Av. Salvador to improve and grow their service capabilities and coverage. In a house set up our offices and workshop to strengthen our company's market.

  Area is consolidated and Clinical Diagnostics Laboratory, Beckman Coulter and companies like Bio-Rad Galénica strengthen their position and begins to have a leading position in the market.

Miguel Awnetwant joins the company generating growth and efficiency plan that will be the foundation for business expansion and services Galénica.


Follow the growth and efficiency plan, commercial facilities and service distribution center which moves into a new branch in Lampa Galénica which improves our service level and response times are separated.

  Born Biotechnology Division as organic growth, A highly trained in Biotechnology and Biochemistry team is dedicated to serve the research and teaching sector of our country. This allows us to cover the entire national territory and expand the capabilities of Galénica expanding its leadership and presence.

Galénica changes to its new headquarters in the area of ​​Nueva Las Condes. It has prime office and a layout that meets the standard of the best companies. This year the Blood Bank division provides solutions and services as a fundamental pillar of the health division is created.


Microscopy unit opens after a long-term agreement with Olympus, world leader in this line. This consolidates the leading position of Galénica, expands our capabilities and generates important synergies with positive results for our clients that enable us each day to have a more holistic approach towards the needs of industry. This same year Galénica obtained ISO certification until today govern and guarantee our procedures, ensuring the quality of our products and services.

  Division of Analytical and Industry portfolio and a team dedicated to supplying the analytical needs and quality control of the most important industries in our country creates. Such as mining, Foods, Pharmaceutical, Agricultural, etc. With this division Galénica reach all customers in all corners of the country becoming a major actor in the world of science and technology in Chile.
  Currently Galenic and about 100 employees work every day to deliver products and services of the highest level to be a contribution to the development of Health, science, production and technology in our.