Galenica S.A. Beckman Coulter receives recognition distributor of the year,es 2015 in Latin America

We are proud!!
At the meeting of distributors Beckman Coulter, Galenica S.A. He won the award for Distributor of the Year.

This recognition Beckman Coulter delivers Latin America Distributor Highlights, considers not only sales growth, but also adherence to standards “compliance and anti-corruption” in addition to compliance with service updates the various plant equipment installed, development as well as,es and fulfillment of sales of all product lines.

It is the most important recognition Beckman Coulter makes a dealer for the work done the year 2015.

We thank and congratulate “Galenica entire team” for his great commitment to the development of the brand and the excellent service delivered.

Reconocimiento Beckman Coulter, Marzo 2015

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